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Need 24 Hour Monitoring & Support on your Server?

Team CCS understands the importance of keeping communications within an organisation up and running at all times. Our Server Monitoring & Support Solution will help you sleep better at night knowing a capable company is monitoring your servers at all times.

CCS Technical Tasks:

  • Check the Server Utilization
  • Check the Backups and notify you of any failures
  • Monitor the Memory and CPU Utilization of your servers
  • Check the Hard Drive Space
  • Ensure your Anti-Virus Software is up to date
  • Also perform backup testing at our premises, to test the integrity of your backups
  • Perform Routine server administration , new users , file shares etc
  • Every month we will provide a written report on the Status of your Servers as well as provide recommendations on correcting Server over Utilisation.


This is our motto and approach to IT support. Like a successful motor racing team, we are your support branch to your company’s IT needs. We work like a well oiled machine, ensuring the highest performance and the least amount of down time.

Team CCS provides a range of services that are targeted at providing individuals and companies with support packages that are structured from the basic to the more comprehensive solutions.  These packages are targeted directly at the client’s needs and budget requirements.


Team CCS realise that some companies require basic network support while others may require the availability of highly skilled specific resourced engineers. We provide both on & offsite engineers to support our clients’ infrastructure.


Team CCS provides hardware repairs to all makes of printers and computer equipment.  We can also assist with the recovery of data lost due to hardware defects or user error.


CCS will assist our clients in procuring the required software and hardware that best suites their needs.  As a value added reseller, our prices are normally more competitive than a supplier whose core business is the sale of hardware and software.


Desktop Support covers hardware and software troubleshooting, installation, upgrading and maintenance of end user’s computers


Due to our clients needs, Team CCS has established a 24 hour technical support service to assist clients with support outside of the normal working hours.  This service is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  In the event of a problem occurring, clients will first be assisted telephonically where possible, if the problem cannot be resolved an engineer with the relevant skills will be despatched to resolve the issues in question


Team CCS has a team of experienced consultants, who will assist in analyzing the future requirements of an organisation and provide the strategic platform from which to develop.  The focus is on providing the clients with the appropriate Products, while working within budget constraints without compromising on the effectiveness of the IT platform.  We will assist in the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy that will allow you, the client to concentrate on your core business functions and expertise.


Through effective partnerships with specialised companies in the ICT Sector we are now able to provide effective solutions for our clients.

These solutions allow our clients to use the “best of breed” products when they need them.


Team CCS can provide VPN’s on ADSL or Diginet Technology.  ADSL is the more cost effective option when choosing a VPN but this is dependant entirely on the data that needs to be shared.  Connecting offices and users has never been easier and more cost effective than now.


Team CCS can assist you by providing many years of experience in the installation and maintenance of Wireless Equipment. Our Technicians have undergone various training and certification courses in the installation and set-up of wireless networks.  The benefits of Wireless can be seen in the total cost reduction of cabling and wired solutions.


Team CCS provides many different cabling options.  Our In-house cabling team installs networks based on these technologies: Cat5e, Cat6 and Fibre Optic solutions (Multimode and Single mode Fibre).  Our prices are competitive and our service impeccable.  We are able to provide Server Cabinets, Wall Mount Enclosures and complete Server room technology for your business.  Our Workmanship is of the highest standard and we at Team CCS Take Pride in our network Installations.


We design customised corporate and personal multi-device websites that will give your company a professional online presence. Sell your goods or services online by way of an online shopping portal – and instantly increase your revenue stream. We design from basic HTML based websites, to complicated Content Management Systems – Whatever you need.

We also provide our clients with a complete Domain Registration and Hosting solution, with integrated email and multiple mailboxes.


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